Matt Edawrds & Dave Moynihan 1

Edwards & Moynihan 2024 C&M Team in the Irish Tarmac Championship

C&M Motorsport Sales welcomed Matt Edwards and Dave Moynihan as ambassadors and sponsored driver/Co. driver pairing during the 2024 Irish Tarmac season!

We have teamed up with the guys at NPL Rally Hire/Preparation who have over 20 years experience and a proven winning record.

Matt who is behind the wheel of our C&M Motorsport Ford Fiesta Rally 2 has an impressive resume over the years all starting back in 2009 where he picked up his first bit of rallying silverware finishing runner up in the Fiesta sport trophy.

Dave has sat with some tremendous drivers and won some silverware throughout his career. Some of these drivers include the late Craig Breen and many more!

Matt Edawrds

The 2009 season really kickstarted Matt’s rallying career off as he then went on to become the BTRDA 1400 champion in the 2010 season and the Welsh National champion in the 2012 season. 

Jumping to the 2016 season Matt became the British GRP N champion behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. In this 2016 season Matt also had his debut in a modern day R5 car where he started to get to grips with the feel of an R5 car for heading into the 2017 BRC championship! 

In the 2017 season Matt kept progressing in the Ford Fiesta R5 picking up a lot of top 5 and top 10 finishes which lead him lovely into the 2018 season where it all took off for him! 

2018 was a big season for Matt as he dominated the BRC (British Rally championship). He picked up 7 overall wins throughout this season and was crowned the 2018 BRC champion. In this 2018 season Matt also drove for M-Sport World Rally Team in the Ypres Rally in Belgium, Pirelli International Rally, Ulster Rally and Wales Rally GB. This was a terrific season for Matt. 

Going into the 2019 season nothing much changed for Matt he continued on with some very impressive driving which by the end of the season meant he once again had been crowned the BRC champion for the second year in a row! 

The Covid pandemic struck and the BRC championship did not run in 2020 so it was 2021 before the championship commenced again and once again Matt dominated the championship and was crowned the 2021 BRC champion for a 3rd consecutive year running! 

Matt was the first ever driver to win this championship 3 years in a row which is a huge achievement to put down in the history books! 

Matt is also a respected and accomplished driver coach! He has worked with numerous drivers to mentor and coach them, improving their stage speed and driving skill. Through our partnership with Matt we hear at C&M Motorsport are perfectly positioned to offer packages of driver tuition and access to Matts vast knowledge in and experience in coaching to assist you in improving your stage speed and upgrading your own abilities behind the wheel!  

Dave Moynihan

The other corner stone of this team is Dave Moynihan, an experience Co-Driver who has been born and raised into the sport through his family’s business EARS Motorsport to his times in rallies cars beside drivers of the highest calliper including but not limited to Craig Breen, Chris Meeke, Guy Wilks and now of course our very own Matt Edwards. 

Coupled together with their levels of experience and success Matt and Dave are fierce and worthy competitors. A strong competitive edition that we have added to the C&M Motorsport team.

C&M Motorsport see first hand Dave’s professionalism and passion for the sport and we are proud to partner with him this season for our own needs with motorsport equipment such as Pirelli tyres and driver/Co-driver suits, helmets etc. So for anyone needing anything rally related don’t hesitate to check them out and they will get you sorted.   

Matt’s first event with Dave Moynihan (Co. Driver) was at the Donegal International rally in 2022, the pair clicked from the get go and took to the hills of Donegal again in 2023 behind the wheel of a Polo R5. Matt strategically played himself in on day one cementing a podium finish of 2nd overall by Sunday afternoon. 

Having being involved as an associate sponsor in 2023 C&M Motorsport elected to strengenten the partnership with Matt and Dave. After much teamwork over the off season in January C&M Motorsport were proud to announce a season long programme in the Irish Tarmac Championship under the C&M Motorsport banner were Matt and Dave would be behind the wheel of a 2024 M-Sport supported full factory specification Rally 2 fiesta running Pirelli tyres. Ran by the NPL team based out of Cookstown.

So far the pinocle of the season has been the victory at the Circuit of Ireland. So after 4 rounds, they are sitting 2nd overall in the championship with a  2nd overall in West Cork and a 2nd overall in Killarney Rally of the Lakes. Next up is Donegal International! 

Keep an eye out on our social medias as you won’t want to miss any of the action with the championship starting to heat up. 





Galway International Rally


03-04 Feb

West Cork Rally


15-17 Mar

Circuit of Ireland Rally


29-30 Mar

Killarney Rally of the Lakes


04-05 May

Donegal International Rally


21-23 Jun

Ulster Rally


16-17 Aug

Cork 20 International Rally


29 Aug